January 6, 2021 - 17:39 AMT
Ryanair recommends visiting "growing tourist hotspot" Armenia in 2021

Ryanair has included Armenia in its list of the top destinations to visit in 2021, suitable for planning your next adventure.

"Located on the border of Eastern Europe and Asia, Armenia is a growing tourist hotspot that has something for everyone with its historic sites, exciting culture, extreme sports and delicious Armenian cuisine," the carrier said.

"Its capital Yerevan is nicknamed ‘The Pink City’ because of the colourful volcanic stones on which it was built centuries ago. If you’re looking to broaden your travel horizons after a quiet 2020 this could be just the unique trip that’s needed in 2021."

Azores archipelago off the coast of Portugal, the Greek Islands, Santander in Spain, Tel Aviv in Israel, Katowice and Gdansk in Poland, as well as a handful of other destinations are recommended for visiting in 2021.