March 3, 2021 - 14:44 AMT
New holiday in Armenia will celebrate national minorities

The Armenian parliament on Wednesday, March 3 made amendments to the Law On Holidays and Memorable Dates to introduce a hew holiday celebrating the country's national minorities.

Lawmaker from My Step bloc Rustam Bakoyan, who co-authored the bill, noted that although Armenia is a monoethnic country, there are still some 11 ethnic minorities living there, whose representatives have played a role in the history of Armenia.

“The legislation stipulates that they (the monitories - Ed.) have the right to preserve their national and ethnic identity, develop their language, traditions, faith and culture. This change will draw more attention to national minorities, their needs and problems, and help find solution for them, ”Bakoyan said.

The Day of National Minorities in Armenia was initially set for the last Saturday of September, since the Council of National Minorities holds a meeting and various events during this period.

“However, given that every seven years the last Saturday of September will be on September 27 (the day of the beginning of the second Karabakh war - Ed.), and national minorities cannot celebrate it as a holiday until victory is achieved, it was decided to designate the first Sunday of October as the Day of National Minorities,” Bakoyan added.