March 25, 2021 - 17:24 AMT
Armenia to raise police salaries by up to 97.5%

The Armenian government decided on Thursday, March 25 to raise the salaries of the employees of the country's patrol service and city and regional police departments. In some cases, wages are expected to almost double.

According to the project, the salary of junior inspectors with an experience of up to 5 years will increase by 68.8% – from the current AMD 190,552 to AMD 320,000 (from $360 to $605).

The monthly salary of patrol service officers with the rank of police lieutenant and 2-5 years of experience will grow by 97.5% – from the current AMD 198,565 to AMD 402,181 (from $375 to $760).

Higher salaries are expected to arrive from April.

The project was developed by the Armenian police. The authors expect that the increase in salaries will help prevent crime, increase the sense of security of citizens, and increase the level of public confidence in the police.