April 8, 2021 - 12:02 AMT
Pashinyan, Putin agree to work even harder on Armenian POW return

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Wednesday, April 7 that he was pleased with the outcome of his earlier meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the two have agreed to work even harder on the return of the prisoners of war.

Pashinyan met several dozen members of the Association of Armenian Lawyers in Moscow and noted that sensitive issues and nuances were discussed within three and a half hours.

“A very open relationship has been established with the President of the Russian Federation, especially in recent months. Our relations can be described as straightforward and open. Today we discussed a broad range of issues high on the bilateral agenda; we touched upon issues of regional and even international importance. The meeting was productive, we did not sign any instruments, but we talked about a number of documents, including in the field of security, about the implementation of a number of documents signed earlier, which are being implemented today," Pashinyan said.

“You know that the army reform is among the most important issues on our post-war agenda, which we are implementing with the support of our Russian partners. This was one of the key issues in our discussion. We reviewed the situation with the repatriation prisoners of war, the agenda of regional communications, as well as the directions in which we need to work together. We ascertained where our views concurred and in what directions we should work to harmonize positions."

Pashinyan stressed that there is a mutual understanding with Putin concerning the repatriation of POWs, and in this regard, positions on the full implementation of this agreement coincide. He advised that agreement had been reached with the President of the Russian Federation to carry out even more intensive work on the return of prisoners.