May 6, 2021 - 13:16 AMT
Latvia officially recognizes Armenian Genocide

Latvia has officially recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide, Yerevan's Ambassador to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Tigran Mkrtchyan said on Facebook Thursday, May 6.

Saeima – the parliament of Latvia – adopted the measure with 58 lawmakers voting in favor and 11 voting against.

Several parliamentary forces launched the process of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in February, Mkrtchyan revealed. The text was composed with the Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, which was actively involved in the process throughout the past two months.

In the resolution, the Saeima said Latvia condemns the crimes, massacres and forced deportations committed by the Ottoman authorities against the Armenian people, respects the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide and honors the survivors, as well as urges the international community to give a proper assessment of the historical events.

On April 24, 1915, a large group of Armenian intellectuals was rounded up and assassinated in Constantinople by the Ottoman government. On April 24, 2021, Armenians worldwide commemorated the 106th anniversary of the Genocide which continued until 1923. Some three dozen countries, hundreds of local government bodies and international organizations have so far recognized the killings of 1.5 million Armenians as Genocide. Turkey denies to this day.