June 5, 2021 - 11:22 AMT
Viva-MTS unveils music application “MUSIC” with artificial intelligence

If you are a subscriber of Viva-MTS and music is an integral part of your day, then the IMUSIC application is just for you. And, if you are a subscriber of any of the prepaid “X”, “Y”, “Z” and postpaid “X”, “Y” tariff plans, then the advantage is more than obvious.

Representatives of the Armenian show business, business world and mass media took part in at event at Mezzo Club, dedicated to the exclusive cooperation of Viva-MTS and IMUSIC. The goal of the cooperation is to provide Viva-MTS subscribers with high-quality music content, as well as to give them the opportunity to find or wake up the DJ, hidden inside each of them.

When listening to music through the IMUSIC, the megabytes of the main-Internet package provided within the framework of Viva-MTS tariff plans “X”, “Y” and “Z” are not being used if the subscriber logs into their IMUSIC account by using a phone number and has an activated package. The cost of the Internet consumed when using other Viva-MTS tariff plans, as well as for subscribers of other operators, is calculated based on the current tariff plan.

With the help of IMUSIC, you can enjoy your favorite performances in high quality in HQ streaming, create your own list of musical preferences and share them with other users, search for preferred performances quickly and easily, keep up with the news of the music world, follow the updates on other users, as well performers, brands, and representatives of show business, listen to the music of a favorite genre 24/7 available on one of the 6 radios. The full list of features can be found here.

The application is very simple and easy to use. All you need is to download the application for iOS or Android operating systems, activate the service by entering your mobile phone number or email address. Then you will need to enter the received verification code to complete the service activation.

“The digital transformation of Viva-MTS continues, which means the provision of not only voice and Internet services, but also various IT solutions and applications. Together with our partners, today we are presenting the application IMUSIC, which is based on artificial intelligence that takes into account user preferences. The sphere of telecommunications is moving in this direction globally, and Viva-MTS can’t stay aside from these developmenrs,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

“The idea of IMUSIC was born in good conditions. First, the IT Company “Naghashyan Solutions” was founded, one of the projects of which became IMUSIC. We are happy to see how IMUSIC develops, expanding the capabilities of the platform and increasing the scale of cooperation. We are very pleased to cooperate with Viva-MTS from now on. "We are confident that our joint work will open up even greater benefits for our users and subscribers,” said Levon Naghashyan, IMUSIC Founder and Director.