June 18, 2021 - 17:01 AMT
Armenia, Iran to establish operational communication between checkpoints

A delegation led by the Deputy Chairman of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia Ashot Muradyan met with the delegation led by the Deputy Head of Iran's Customs Service Ibrahim Naqdi in Norduz, the Islamic Republic's border crossing with Armenia.

According to a press release from the Armenian side, Iranian and Armenian officials discussed a number of issues related to a more flexible implementation of processes at the Meghri and Norduz checkpoints in order to facilitate the development of trade between the two countries. They also weighed in on the creation of mechanisms and platforms for a quick and effective solution of problems that may arise.

During the meeting, issues related to the exchange of electronic data on international cargo transportation between Armenia and Iran were on the table too.

The sides agreed to intensify cooperation between their respective agencies, which they said will have a positive impact on the process of identifying cases of violation of customs rules and lead to a faster resolution of problems. Technical issues of the work will be discussed in the future too.

The parties also expressed their readiness to hold regular meetings in order to promptly resolve issues related to the customs service of the two countries.