July 9, 2021 - 15:40 AMT
Armenia working to secure EU acceptance of vaccine certification app

Acting Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan has said that some countries have already recognized Armenia's Covid certification format – a dedicated application proving a traveler has been vaccinated against the coronavirus – adding that Yerevan is working to settle the matter with the rest.

"The European Union decided recently that vaccine shots received in Armenia will be accepted in EU member states," Pastinfo cited Avanesyan as saying on Friday, July 9.

"Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are working to achieve the recognition by various countries of our certification format."

According to her, the Foreign Ministry is in possession of concrete information about the countries that have already embraced the format developed by Armenia.

Armenia currently uses AstraZeneca, Sputnik-V and Coronavac vaccines in its nationwide inoculation program, and only the former is accepted in European countries. According to official information, some 100,000 vaccine doses have already been administered in the country so far.