October 18, 2021 - 19:21 AMT
Officials offer contradictory information about strategic height in Syunik

A confluence of conflicting information surrounding the situation in Kapan, a town in Armenia’s Syunik province, keeps arriving by the hour.

Kapan mayor Gevorg Parsyan said Monday, October 18 that a strategic height near the town has gone under Azerbaijan’s control. The mayor, however, was almost immediately contradicted by Syunik governor Melikset Poghosyan and the National Security Service of Armenia.

According to a report from Factor.am, Parsyan said Russian border guards deployed atop the hill were withdrawn two days earlier, with the Azerbaijanis blocking the area and preventing Armenians from using a road nearby.

Poghosyan, however, denied the information, but failed to provide details.

The National Security Service too weighed in, maintaining that no positions have changed in the area, with Armenian border troops guarding the frontier in said section.