November 1, 2021 - 18:37 AMT
Iran states importance of Armenia's Syunik

Iranian Ambassador to Yerevan Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri has stressed the importance of the southern Armenian province of Syunik for the Islamic Republic, signalling Tehran's interest in joining various projects in the region.

Zohouri made the remarks during a meeting with Armenia's Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Gnel Sanosyan, amid unrest on the borders with Azerbaijan.

Armenia is currently building a new road as an alternative to the one that passes through pockets of Azerbaijan-controlled territories. Since last month, Azerbaijan has imposed strict regulations on Iranian drivers which are posing major problems for them passing through the 20-kilometer section of Armenia’s Goris-Kapan road, including paying tolls levied by Azerbaijani border guards deployed in the area earlier.

Sanosyan weighed in on the role of infrastructure in Syunik, emphasizing the active road construction works currently underway in the province. The Minister revealed a part of the strategic road is being completed, while two other parts are no less important.

According to information provided the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures, Sanosyan is readying for a trip to Iran in the near future.