August 24, 2022 - 16:19 AMT
Ucom's Mobile Internet uGo Super 6500 special offer is now permanent

Ucom has announced that its mobile internet service's special offer of uGo Super 6500 tariff plan has become permanent. Upon 12-month subscription to uGo Super 6500 tariff plan, customers will get to benefit from the unlimited internet access. Moreover, in case of subscribing to the uGo Super 6500 tariff plan for 18 months, in addition to the unlimited internet, subscribers will get a chance to acquire the uFi portable Wi-Fi modem at just 1 AMD.

“If you organize your work not only in office premises, but also in cafes, parks, rest houses or just in the lap of nature, you will always be in touch with your close ones and, why not, even share your impressions about travels around the country thanks to the unlimited internet access provided by the uGo Super 6500 tariff plan”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

The uFi portable modem supports the internet connection of up to 10 devices via Wi-Fi, and of 1 computer via USB cable, which means that not only smartphones, tablets and laptops, but also 1 desktop computer can be connected to it.