May 23, 2023 - 13:09 AMT
Armenia ex-President: concrete steps, unity are becoming critical

The third president of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, believes that concrete actions and solidarity are becoming critical, regardless of disagreements and ambitions of certain political forces.

"Repetitively, including in the last five years, on every thinkable occasion I have stated that Artsakh will not be a part of Azerbaijan. I personally and the political force led by me, the Republican Party of Armenia, in all our statements, speeches, addresses have been stressing and declaring incessantly our principled approaches on the Artsakh issue, presenting our position point by point on this vital issue, speaking also about the disastrous steps taken by Armenia’s current rulers," Sargsyan said in a statement on Tuesday, May 23.

"Our approaches and principles are unchangeable. We have voiced them, struggled and will continue to struggle even though we have been sullied, slandered, targeted, even though our alarm signals and warnings have been disregarded.

"Some are currently having “a surprise shock” and want me to make a new statement which is questionable to say the least. I have always been and will continue to be by the side of my brothers and sisters in Artsakh, true to the vow I took at the graves of my comrades-in-arms – not to leave our common task uncompleted.

According to him, today more than ever, along with words, concrete steps, actions, and unity are becoming critical, regardless of the existing disagreements and ambitions which are nothing compared to a disaster approaching our nation.

"I consider and will continue to consider the issue of Artsakh and Armenia’s statebuilding my life’s mission," he added.

Sargsyan's comments came one day after Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan confirmed he would recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, with Nagorno Karabakh as part of it.