June 8, 2023 - 15:38 AMT
Baku shares info about 2 Armenian troops abducted by Azerbaijan

Baku has submitted information to the ECHR regarding 2 Armenian servicemen the Azerbaijani military abducted from Armenian territory, the Office of the Representative of Armenia on International Legal Affairs reports.

"We have received information from the European Court of Human Rights about the two Armenian servicemen submitted by Azerbaijan to the European Court, including medical documents and details about the conditions of detention," the publication says.

Armenia is expected to present its position regarding the information and documents provided by Azerbaijan within the deadline set by the European Court – until June 16.

In late May, the European Court of Human Rights has demanded that Baku clarify whether the two Armenian soldiers recently abducted by the Azerbaijani military are being held as prisoners of war or whether they have another status by June 6.

On May 28, the Office of Armenia’s Representative on International Legal Affairs submitted to the ECHR a statement on the protection of the fundamental rights of two members of the Armenian Armed Forces, abducted from the territory of Armenia by Azerbaijani special forces, and demanded that an interim measure be applied to Azerbaijan in accordance with Rule 39 of the Statute of the Court in order to avoid violations of the rights of Armenian military personnel.

In response, the Court also required that Azerbaijan provide information on the conditions of detention of military personnel and medical examinations.