November 17, 2023 - 12:05 AMT
Daniel Hilaire: “Fast Bank continuously invests in tech to improve digital banking services”

Digital banking is an important and evolving topic in both the global and Armenian financial sectors, aiming to provide banking services to customers through the use of technology and digital platforms. This approach has gained significance, especially in recent years, as people seek alternative ways to efficiently manage their finances.

Fast Bank Board Member Daniel Hiller, who has been in the finance industry since the '80s, referred to development trends of digital banking in Armenia and the importance of maintaining physical contact with customers in that context.

“At Fast Bank, we are continuously investing in technology to improve our digital banking services, while at the same time investing in our staff to ensure that customers still have access to the personal touch that is so important. I do believe that a combination of both traditional face-to-face banking and digital banking can provide the best customer experience. The customer is the center of the business model, whom we will provide individually tailored banking services with effective solutions. Fast Bank’s strategy was developed based on the best practices of the world-famous digital bank model. At the same time, different approaches are also applied,” said Fast Bank’s Board member Daniel Hiller․

Daniel Hiller also shared his experience about sitting on the Board and overall the culture of it and the role of the corporate governance, told about Fast Bank’s future plans.