November 21, 2023 - 15:10 AMT
IDBank issues the 3th tranche of dollar bonds of 2023

On November 20, 2023, IDBank placed registered coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2NER4 through a public offering on the following terms:

-Total volume - 5 million dollars

-Annual interest rate - 4.25%

-Bond maturity - 27 months

-Bonds will be paid quarterly

-Maturity date - February 20, 2026.

The bonds will be placed from November 20, 2023 to January 19, 2024 inclusive.

After the placement, the bonds will be listed in the "Armenian Stock Exchange" OJSC. The bonds will be quoted through the Marketmaker.

As you know, bonds can be easily purchased online in a few clicks, without visiting a Bank branch. To purchase bonds, you just need to go to the "Bonds" section on the online platform, select the type and number of bonds and make a purchase.

After purchasing the bonds, full information about them will be available in the Idram&IDBank application: the "Bonds" section of the “Banking Services” section provides the distinguishing code, quantity, face value, annual coupon yield, coupon payment date and maturity date of the bonds.

All the information about the bonds can be accessed by following this link.

The Bond prospectus was registered by the CBA, resolution N1/489А of the Chairman of the CBA from October 7, 2022. The electronic version of the prospectus and the final terms of issue are available on the official website of the Bank.