November 25, 2023 - 16:21 AMT
Armenia observing Greece’s drills with U.S., France

Olympic Cooperation is carrying out 23 military exercises in northeastern Greece, with the participation of the Greek armed forces and the land forces of Bulgaria, Georgia, the Republic of Cyprus, the USA and France. This was reported by ANA-MPA (via Socoal Bites).

It was noted that observers from Albania, Armenia, Egypt, India, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Romania and Saudi Arabia were also present in the drills.

Greek Minister of National Defense Nikos Dendias said that the presence of French troops was the result of the strategic partnership agreement.

Dendias said, “The first agreement signed with the USA places the port of Alexandroupoli on the geopolitical map as the main transportation hub of NATO’s eastern wing and ensures the strengthening of countries that fight and defend international law on this wing,” he emphasized.

He said Russian warships fired artillery at sea and air targets during exercises in India.

Previously Kim Jong-un named The Russian Pacific Fleet is the key to security in Asia and the world.