November 27, 2023 - 12:59 AMT
Armenia replaces Spain among largest whiskey suppliers to Russia

Armenia is now among the top five largest importers of whiskey to Russia, displacing Spain from the list, which dropped from third to seventh spot, RIA Novosti reports citing statistics from whiskey suppliers in the Russian Federation for January - September.

Over the nine months of 2023, Moscow imported $262.5 million worth of whiskey – almost four times more than it did last year. Latvia took the first place among suppliers, from which Russia purchased $190.6 million worth of whiskey. The volume of supplies from the republic increased sixfold. In 2023, Lithuania shipped whiskey worth $28.9 million, which means the Russian Federation increased imports from the country tenfold.

The top five largest suppliers also included the UK (supplies by $10.4 million with a decrease of 18%), France ($7 million) and Armenia, which increased shipments of whiskey by 2.5 times ($5.6 million).

Spain has dropped from third to seventh place this year, supplying $3.7 million worth of whiskey, which is 30% lower than in the same period last year.