December 2, 2023 - 12:29 AMT
New Omicron variant identified in Armenia

The new BA.2.86 variant of Covid-19—nicknamed “Pirola”—has been identified in Armenia, the Ministry of Health reports.

The variant, which contains many mutations to the spike gene and was first detected in Denmark in late July, has been identified in a number of countries including Canada, Israel, Portugal, South Africa, and Sweden, as well as the UK and the US.

Besides BA.2.86, cases of infection with XBB. 1.5 (Kraken), XBB.2.3 (Acrux), XBB.1.16 (Arctura), XBB 1.9.1 (Hiperion), FL.1.5.1 (Fornax), EG.5.1 (Eris) have been registered in Armenia too.