December 5, 2023 - 11:16 AMT
Ucom. 5 AMD per 1 MB in roaming from December 1 to January 31

Internet is not a problem when traveling if you are a Ucom subscriber. Ahead of the holidays, Ucom offers a reduced internet tariff for all its mobile voice service subscribers in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. From December 1 to January 31 inclusive, Ucom subscribers will use the Internet at a tariff of 5 AMD.

However, the surprises do not end there. Subscribers of the Level Up 5500 and Level Up 8500 postpaid tariff plans from December 1 to February 29 inclusive will receive 100 MB and 200 MB of Internet data for roaming for the first time within their tariff plan, respectively. The roaming volume will be available in more than 65 countries when connecting to relevant operators.

In addition, Ucom also offers a number of Internet packages in roaming, allowing the use of the Internet in more than 65 countries at an even more affordable rate. You can activate the packages with the Ucom mobile app or by dialing *121# and following the instructions. For details, visit here.

The roaming service must be activated before leaving Armenia using the Ucom mobile application or by dialing *121# and following the instructions.

Ucom is the fastest fixed and mobile communication service provider in Armenia and the absolute leader in the field of IPTV and fixed Internet services.