December 18, 2023 - 10:20 AMT
Yerevan State University, Apricot Capital sign memorandum of cooperation

Yerevan State University and the investment company Apricot Capital have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The founder of Apricot Capital Vardan Amaryan, the CEO of the company Vachik Gevorgyan, Yerevan State University Rector Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, Vice-Rector for General Affairs Arman Malkhasyan, Deputy Director of Alumni and Career Center Karine Nazaryan, and the Head of the Marketing Department, responsible for the commercialization of services Azniv Grigoryan, were present at the memorandum signing ceremony.

The purpose of the cooperation between Yerevan State University (YSU) and Apricot Capital is to contribute to the implementation of collaborative educational and scientific research programs through joint efforts, experiences, and resources. This includes collaborating in different directions, such as training the YSU teaching staff, organization of courses and internships for YSU students, provision of scholarships (especially for students forcibly displaced from Artsakh), joint development and implementation of educational and research programs, organization of conferences, scientific seminars, roundtable discussions, and implementation of social programs, among other initiatives.

YSU Rector Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, emphasizing the significance of cooperation between the university and private companies in today's dynamically developing world, noted that it is not merely a partnership but a joint commitment to promote excellence, innovation, and the training of qualified personnel. “Such collaborations help integrate academic theories, practical skills, and labor market requirements, fostering development and progress through joint research and creating an inspiring environment for learning and working,” added Hovhannes Hovhannisyan.

Vardan Amaryan, the founder of Apricot Capital, strongly emphasized the role of such collaborations in education**.** “Our journey and accumulated experience affirm that education is the most essential and the key to becoming a sought-after specialist and achieving continuous success. When we were founding the Apricot Capital investment company in Armenia, we recognized the shortage of specialized and experienced personnel in the field. This is why similar collaborations are significant to us. It allows us to share with Armenian students and young individuals our extensive experience in the international financial sector, and enhance our company's team with new, knowledgeable personnel,” noted Vardan Amaryan, adding that the memorandum is only the beginning of possible long-term cooperation, and various projects will be implemented in collaboration with the university and the private sector.

The parties stated that the results of the cooperation would be tangible and visible within a short period of time.

Apricot Capital is an investment company registered and licensed in Armenia in 2022, that provides comprehensive financial services to individuals and legal entities, including broker-dealer, asset management, and advisory services. The team consists of the best specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in the financial system. Focusing on innovation and customer-oriented solutions, Apricot Capital continues to set industry standards and position itself as an investment tools and efficient platform provider in Armenia.