April 15, 2024 - 15:05 AMT
Iran vows to “decisively” defend sovereignty, national interests

The Iranian embassy in Armenia has defended its “defensive and proportional action in targeting some military centers in occupied Palestine.”

The Embassy said in a statement on Sunday, April 14 that the attack is in the framework of the “inherent right of legitimate defense” according to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and in response to the military attack of the Israeli regime on the consular section of the Embassy of Iran in Damascus.

The title of the diplomatic place with immunity and the martyrdom of the military advisors of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria, who were present in this country at the official invitation of the Syrian government to fight against terrorist groups, has taken place.

“The action of the Zionist regime was a violation of the United Nations Charter and international conventions, which was met with an immediate reaction and strong condemnation from the authorities of countries and international organizations,” the statement said.

“The resort of the Islamic Republic of Iran to defensive measures in exercising the right of legitimate defense shows Iran's responsible approach to regional and international peace and security, and the responsibility for the consequences of any new adventurous and unwise action against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its interests will rest with the Zionist regime and its supporters.

“While reaffirming its adherence to the principles and goals of the United Nations Charter and international law, the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes its determination to decisively defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests against any illegal use of force and aggression.”