June 10, 2024 - 19:13 AMT
About 173 million drams and more than 30 beneficiary funds. "The Power of One Dram" is 4 years old

In June 2020, the exclusive joint corporate social responsibility initiative of Idram and IDBank "The Power of One Dram" was launched, which over the past years has supported more than 40 projects of strategic importance for our country, be it in the health, social, environmental or educational fields. But what is most important, "The Power of One Dram" became the best example for the society of uniting around an idea and making the impossible possible with united forces.

"The Power of One Dram" radically changed the idea of ​​charity, proving that it can be done without spending even one dram. After all, by making their purchases and transactions through the companies' platforms, it is the customers who delegate to Idram and IDBank companies to transfer one dram for each transaction to "The Power of One Dram", one by one, to wonderful and important programs.

Over the course of 4 years, "The Power of One Dram" has supported:

‌4090 Fund - AMD 4,613,690; AMD 3,913,063

Teach for Armenia: AMD 9,328,753

Children of Armenia: AMD 9,107,498; AMD 3,480,466

Talentum program: AMD 3,008,215

Program for identifying the professional potential of war participants (My step): AMD 3,389,788

Armenia All-Armenian Fund: AMD 2,017,218

50 computers for children: AMD 5,538,727

Hayq to the world: 3,397,784 AMD

Aren Mehrabyan: AMD 4,653,223

Defender of the Fatherland rehabilitation center: AMD 6,962,504; AMD 3,603,291; 4,827,643 AMD

VIVA - Doctors and Volunteers for Armenia: AMD 8,648,000

Vahe Meliksetyan: AMD 3,704,985

Health Fund for Children of Armenia: AMD 8,057,944; AMD 3,945,010; AMD 3,531,799

City of Smile: 9,808,684 AMD, 3,780,052 AMD

QaylTech: AMD 4,248,945

Rehabilitation City of Heroes: AMD 4,676,836

Road of life: AMD 3,520,698; AMD 4,101,050

Armenian Mothers: 3,665,972 AMD

My Forest Armenia: AMD 10,757,867; AMD 4,017,648

Solar water heaters in rural areas of Artsakh: AMD 6,463,511

SOS children's villages: AMD 3,500,572

Armenian initiative: AMD 3,482,779; AMD 3,580,216

Greenhouses for Artsakh residents: AMD 3,588,848

ZINAPAH: AMD 3,603,291; 6,925,000 AMD

The companies are supervised by the CBA.