June 13, 2024 - 13:45 AMT
EU encourages Armenia to prioritize strategic projects

The European Union has encouraged Armenia to prioritize strategic projects in different sectoral areas, according to a statement from the country’s Foreign Ministry.

On June 11-12, the Armenia-EU Partnership Committee, established under the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA), met for the fifth time in Yerevan to discuss the implementation of the CEPA and Armenia-EU bilateral cooperation.

The Partnership Committee reviewed the progress on issues related to transport, energy, environment, climate action and disaster risk management. The sides discussed how to promote interconnections, enhance energy security, and accelerate the energy transition in Armenia, including via the Caucasus Transmission Network project and by supporting Armenia’s participation in regional projects such as the Black Sea Electric cable.

The Armenian side recalled the need to promote other programs on regional connectivity. While acknowledging Armenia’s efforts on combating climate change and environmental protection, the EU encouraged Armenia to make efforts to enhance energy production from renewable sources, move towards climate neutrality and to improve water management as well. The parties also discussed opportunities for increased road and air safety and connections, and acknowledged the importance of applying administratively the Common Aviation Area Agreement. The parties discussed the emergency response to the recent floods in North Armenia and broader cooperation on civil protection. The meeting was also an opportunity to review the cooperation in the field of customs and economic development. The parties committed to continuing the close cooperation to prevent the circumvention of the relevant EU sanctions. The discussion also took stock of developments in employment and social policies. The parties welcomed the strengthening cooperation on sports, culture, education and research exchanges.