July 24, 2009 - 19:21 AMT
Astghik Minasyan: Social workers swell socially needy strata of Armenia
There are 55 centers for social services in Armenia, 12 of which are in Yerevan. 60-70% of social service employees belong to a socially needy strata of the country, Astghik Minasyan, head of Social Welfare department of the RA Ministry of labor and social issues told journalists today.

"60-70 per cent of social workers paid low wages around 40,000 AMD, which result in drain of high standard professionals, particularly lawyers," Astghik Minasyan said.

According to her, establishment of a new association for social workers can help to settle these issues.
"50 per cent of Armenians who had worked abroad had already returned to Armenia due to financial crisis, which could not stand affecting country's labor market welfare level", Astghik Minasyan said.