August 11, 2009 - 22:38 AMT
OSCE MG not to allow Turkey to intervene in NKR conflict settlement
«Karabakh settlement process has reached a crucial point in which all parties preferred to keep silent, taking technical measures to find a way out,» «Heritage» faction MP Stepan Safaryan told a news conference in Yerevan. Safaryan finds the publication of Basic Principles as US President and Minsk Group's first step towards forcing both conflicting parties to abide by the agreements reached so far.

«OSCE MG also took concrete steps in relation to Turkey, announcing that Armenian-Turkish rapprochement and Karabakh settlement should be parallel processes,» the speaker said, stressing that Minsk Group prevented Azerbaijan from settling NKR conflict in favor of Azerbaijan.

«Turkey feels confused as OSCE MG interfered in its efforts to help Baku in Karabakh settlement process,» Safaryan said.

«Heritage» parliamentarian does not predict special changes in conflict settlement process this autumn, as he believes focus will be shifted on Armenian-Turkish ties normalization process.

Besides, he finds, that Turkey is facing a serious dilemma between opening borders with Armenia and allowing US Congress to recognize Armenian Genocide. According to him, the country would rather choose the former option, avoiding the latter.