September 14, 2010 - 20:42 AMT
Frantisek Miklosko demands that Turkey return Biblical Mount Ararat to Armenians

Armenia-Turkey relations reveal the true nature of Turkey’s foreign policy. Despite being a member of NATO, an organization based on principles of democracy and humanism, Turkey keeps up transport, economic and political blockade of Armenia, member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Frantisek Miklosko stated.

“Turkey can’t deny the fact of 1915’s Genocide, when Armenians were destroyed on their own historic land,” Miklosko stressed at the Poland-hosted conference entitled Turkey’s New Foreign Policy.

“The Mount Ararat is the Christian heritage of Armenians. Does the modern Turkey consider a possibility of giving the mount back to Armenians? The return of Ararat would be an unprecedented step to signify Turkey’s willingness to build a peaceful future and promote its image at the international scene,” the Slovak MP noted, ARF Dashnaktsutyun press service reported.