September 27, 2010 - 20:15 AMT
Moscow Cinema to host screening of Bonded Parallels film by Hovhannes Galstyan

Bonded Parallels film by Hovhannes Galstyan will be screened at Moscow Cinema from October 1.

It is the first feature film of director Hovhannes Galstyan and his independent film company Parallels Film Production LLC. The film is co-produced by the National Cinema Centre of Armenia, the Norwegian film company Original Film AS and the French film company Quasar Pictures. The film is based on an original script written by Hovhannes Galstyan in cooperation with Marine Zakaryan, Thomas Schlesinger and in consultation with famous Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Zanussi.

The film deals with two stories, which take place in different time periods and in different countries. It is a story built on the strong parallels between true life, history and fiction.

An international crew from six countries worked on this low-budget film production for more than 4 years. It has been already screened in 18 countries.

Besides, the film participated in numerous international festivals, Parallels Filmproduction reported.