January 12, 2011 - 18:23 AMT
50 foreign citizens requested asylum in Armenia in 2010

14 out of 50 requests of foreign citizens for granting asylum were satisfied by Armenia’s migration service in 2010.

23 requests were rejected, 5 – declined; 8 requests are being considered.

The migration service applied to the RA Police to deport 6 foreign citizens from Armenia, who received final rejection. Another 8 citizens, whose request was rejected, applied to court.

Citizens of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Georgia, Nigeria, Cote-D’Ivoire, Mali and Syria are among people who applied for asylum, the press service of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration reported.

284 refugees obtained Armenia’s citizenship in 2010. Thus, the number of refugees who obtained citizenship after adoption of the RA Law on Refugees in 1996 makes 82,884.

However, the Ministry reported that the matter of provision of refugees from Azerbaijan with dwellings has not been solved completely, while funds are not envisaged for it under the 2011 state budget.

Currently 1169 families need dwellings, including 860 families in Yerevan. Nevertheless, actions are taken to solve the problem in another way. Specifically, a meeting with international organizations - donors – is planned to be conducted.