March 16, 2011 - 15:36 AMT
Treaty of Moscow signed 90 years ago contradicts all laws

On March 16, 1921, the Kemalist Turkey signed a brotherhood and friendship agreement with the Bolshevist Russia. Under the Treaty of Moscow, Armenian territories with a total area of 30, have been transferred to Turkey. These territories have been occupied as a result of Turkey's armed aggression against Armenia that had ended only 3.5 months prior to the treaty signing.

Thus, the Treaty of Moscow was aimed at confirming Turkey's rights to the occupied Armenian territories, while Bolsheviks recognized the results of the Turkish aggression.

The Treaty of Moscow (Article III) "decides" also on Nakhijevan's destiny, which had no any relation to either the Bolshevist Russia, or Turkey: "The parties agree that Nakhijevan oblast within the borders set under Exhibit I (C) to this Treaty makes an autonomy under the protectorate of Azerbaijan, provided that Azerbaijan will not cede this protectorate to a third state."

According to historian Edik Minasyan, the Treaty of Moscow is illegal, as in March 1921 the Kemalist Turkey and Russia were not recognized as subjects of the international law and had no right to decide on destiny of a third state.

It is noteworthy, that these days a Turkish delegation led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on a visit to Moscow to hold negotiations with the Russian side.