March 19, 2011 - 18:32 AMT
Over 200 ceasefire violation instances reported, Artsakh army soldier killed in Azeri firing

Despite the agreement on strengthening of trust, reached at the Sochi-hosted Armenia-Russia-Azerbaijan presidential meeting, the provocations of the Azeri side continue to strain military-political situation in the region. Aggressive actions of Azeri side on the line of contact prove the fact, according to Artsakh defense army press service.

Specifically, over 200 instances of ceasefire violation at the line of contact between the NKR and Azerbaijani armed forces were reported during the past week. Azerbaijan fired 1300 shots at NKR positions, with intense attacks reported on March 17-18 causing losses to Armenian side.

An Armenian serviceman was killed in the fire commenced by the Azerbaijani side on March 17. According to the press office of the Artsakh defense army, Aharon Hayrapetyan, 19, died in the hospital from a fatal wound.

“Azerbaijan’s firing upon Armenian positions several hours after the exchange of POWs proves that Azerbaijan not only violates the ceasefire but also ignores peace efforts to resolve the conflict. This fact should receive a proper assessment by the international organizations engaged in resolution of the conflict,” Artsakh defense army said.