September 30, 2011 - 14:48 AMT
Armenian ambassador optimistic about Syria’s future

Armenia's ambassador in Damascus Arshak Poladyan held on Thursday, September 29, a reception on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

Ambassador Poladyan stressed during the reception that Armenia has repeatedly announced its desire to develop cooperation with Syria in various fields.

He added that the mutual visits of the two country's officials during the past years set a legal and essential base for developing bilateral relations and led to signing dozens of agreements and protocols in cultural, scientific and educational fields.

Concerning the current events in Syria, the ambassador said that national dialogue is the only way to solve the crisis, calling on all parties to sit at the dialogue table and find suitable solutions.

He expressed his optimism about the future of Syria through fundamental reforms and criticized some satellite channels which exaggerated the events in Syria, reported Syrian Arab News Agency.