September 30, 2011 - 20:40 AMT
ANC starts 24/7 actions, resumes dialogue with authorities

At Sept 30 rally, Armenian National Congress (ANC) opposition bloc leader Levon Ter-Petrossian announced 7-day-long round-the-clock protest actions, reiterating demands to authorities set at previous rally.

Here belong: pre-term president and parliament elections; introduction of ANC-suggested amendments to Electoral Code; discovery of March 1, 2008 events; release of detained ANC supporter Tigran Arakelyan; reversion of a ban on street trading. Ter-Petrossian spoke against construction of new multi-storey buildings in the capital as well as prosecution of media.

As he further noted, “we're not maximalists and have never been. We're ready to reasonable compromises.” According to Ter-Petrossian, the detained ANC supporter Tigran Arakelyan addressed a letter to Congress, urging against seeing his arrest as a hindrance to dialogue resumption.”

As ANC leader stated, opposition-coalition dialogue will be resumed stating tomorrow, with Manushak Petrosyan in charge with contacting presidential administration. “Whether to continue round-the-clock actions will be decided in a week,” ANC leader noted.

ANC leader warned those participating in round-the-clock actions against violating public order, contacting the police or using alcohol.

Persons responsible for preserving order in Liberty Square were assigned, as well as a group in change of negotiations with police.

In conclusion, Congress officials announced their legal right for any protest actions, urging rally participants against having any concerns about contacts with police.