December 23, 2011 - 14:42 AMT
Expert: conflict within ruling coalition is major domestic event

According to the head of Center for Regional Studies, the conflict between two coalition parties – Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) and Prosperous Armenia party - was a major political process of 2011.

Richard Giragosian argued that after Prosperous Armenia won the municipal race in Ijevan, RPA started serious campaign against their colleagues from coalition, however, Prosperous Armenia did not strike back.

“It seems they are planning a strategy and will act during the elections,” the expert said.

As of elections in Ijevan, Giragosian said this was a message for the Republicans not to be overconfident and not to underestimate opponents.

Prosperous Armenia candidate Vardan Galumyan won November 13 Ijevan mayor election, outrunning former mayor, RPA candidate Varuzhan Nersisyan.